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The iPhone 6 Plus owner in “Dau Truong Manga” has appeared

Thái Đăng 21/07/2015
The iPhone 6 Plus owner in “Dau Truong Manga” has appeared
Bầu chọn!

[dropcap style=”style1″]T[/dropcap]he event called “Well played – Win Iphone 6 Plus” in “Dau Truong Manga” has found a winner and surprisingly it’s a beautiful female gamer.

Vietgame.asia Dau Truong Manga – the first manga superheroes collective on smartphone has been interested by Vietnam gaming community for over a month, after that period, the number of gamers who love and seek to Dau Truong Manga were growing constantly.

Going along with the support from the players, Dau Truong Manga has organized many events with attractive prizes. Most recently, the gamers was “shocked” because of  an Iphone 6 Plus as a reward in the “well played – Win Iphone 6 Plus” event.

The event was officially closed on Monday when the owner of the iPhone 6 Plus has appeared. The lucky gamer incidentally is a beautiful girl, let’s come to the award meeting as well as chat with this lucky friend.


Greetings, can you introduce a little bit about yourself and the in-game character name?

My name is Huong Thao, born in 1993. I just graduated from the University of Social, Sciences and Humanities. I played in server 6 and my character name is Loves.

Can you tell us what brought you to Dau Truong Manga? And the feeling when you play this game in the first time?

I am very interested in manga and games which have related to manga. By chance I saw my friend playing this game on the phone so I want to try too, the more I learn about the game on Facebook the more I like it (laughs).

My comment on the new game is: “Wow, this game is great to have many characters from One Piece”, because I was a big fan of One Piece. About the gameplay, I had played this type before so it wasn’t too difficult to catch up.

Could you tell us your emotions after becoming the owner of the iPhone 6 Plus? After this event, will you continue to play Dau Truong Manga?

I am so excited!!! The phone I’m using is a little “old fashion”, I purchased it four years ago when I was still in the university, so I was determined to hunt the phone but did not expect such luck.

Of course I’ll stick with Dau Truong Manga. I have installed and played Dau Truong Manga right on the Iphone 6 Plus which I just received.


Surely playing on iPhone 6 Plus is much more likeable. So have you joined any community on fanpage or group? Any comment about this huge community?

Fantastic! (Laughs) I have participated in fanpage to keep track of events, in group I just “keep low” to observe others sharing their experience on how to build in general but not interact much, I feel a little shy.

Who is your favorite manga character? And the team you are using in Dau Truong Manga?

My team is concluding Whitebeard, Boa, Ichigo, however, I still retained Luffy and Ace which are very powerful. My favorite character is the “future pirate king” Luffy, besides I also love Sasuke. In Dragon Ball I like Ma Bu but unfortunately he is not available in the game yet.

We thank you for this interesting conversation and we wish you always have fun hours with your favorite manga heroes.


Dau Truong Manga is the first heroes united on the Smartphone. In the game, you’ll see a lot of favorite characters in the manga series like Naruto, One Piece and Dragon Ball. Not only that, you will be able to go back to your childhood with familiar scenes in the game which became an irreplaceable part in the Vietnamese young generation.

Dau Truong Manga is now avalable on App Store and Google Play. For more informations about Dau Truong Manga, please visit its homepage, Facebook or Group.

Thanks, Sohagame.

Images by Sohagame.

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