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“W 3D” – special gaming smartphone

Jin Axl 06/01/2015

[dropcap style=”style1″]A[/dropcap]t CES 2015, Snail Games has announced their new smartphone which is specially customized for the gaming purpose, the W 3D.

W 3D‘s main attraction is the physical gamepad intergrated on its body, as well as the feature to display 3D images without the need of stereoscopic glasses, very similar to the famous Nintendo 3DS.


W 3D has a powerful processor of 8 cores x 2×2 GHz, full HD resolution 1080i, and extremely potential RAM capability of 16 GBs. It also has another version without the 3D functions, simply called “W”.

Aside from W 3D, Snail Games has also annouced the Obox, a gaming Console focuses on Android games with 4k HD resolution, 3D displaying and can be interacted with the W 3D.

Many thanks to Pocketgamer.

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