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Fedeen Games Reveals New Forsaken World Mobile Gameplay

Fedeen Games Reveals New Forsaken World Mobile Gameplay
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[dropcap style=”style1″]B[/dropcap]abel Ascending brings several new challenges to players of “Forsaken World Mobile”, with 100 action-packed floors to ascend.

Vietgame.asiaFedeen Games are set to make this a truly exciting Q4 for fans for Forsaken World Mobile. Having already announced the hotly anticipated Babel Ascending update, Fedeen Games has followed through this with this exciting first look at the new content.

Babel Ascending brings several new challenges to players of Forsaken World Mobile. With 100 action-packed floors to ascend, the new Babel dungeon is sure to make an impact. It’s filled with legions of fearsome foes that players must defeat in order to plunder the loot that lies waiting within. The update also boasts two new World Bosses, which can only be defeated through the combined efforts of many players fighting together, as well as a highly anticipated in-game marriage system.

To date, over 1 million gamers have joined the war in Forsaken World Mobile since the game’s release in July on iOS and Android devices. All players will be able to download the Babel Ascending update for free once it becomes available later this year.

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