Get your revenge on Mario in “Kill the Plumber”

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[dropcap style=”style1″]T[/dropcap]he team creating the “reverse Mario” platformer “Kill the Plumber” has announced that the game will be out on July 23rd. – Enough of Mario’s incessant slaughter of Goombas. It’s time for the poor soft-headed creatures to strike back. Kill the Plumber, an upcoming mobile game, is the vessel that will finally serve Mario the comeuppance he deserves.

If you need a reminder of what Kill the Plumber is then check out trailer video below.

Kill the Plumber has you playing as the enemies in a traditional platformer level. Your mission is to kill the plumber – who looks a lot like Mario – before he can reach the end of the level.

Each enemy has their own way of dealing with the plumber. Some throw axes, others crush him, then there are the bombs – they explode. You even get to play as bosses.

There should be a proper trailer announcing the release date next week. So we’ll probably be talking about Kill the Plumber then, too.

Kill the Plumber will arrive on App Store and Google Play on July 23rd.

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Thanks, Pocketgamer.

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