MU Origin surprisingly open demo registration in Vietnam

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[dropcap style=”style1″]T[/dropcap]he famous game “MU Origin” in South East Asian surprisingly open the registration page having Vietnamese gamers, especially fans of MU online, excited than ever. However, according to the publisher, there will only be 5000 trial codes released in this stage – In the recent past, the appearance of fanpage “MU Origin – The Lord’s return” has made gaming community so suspicious as there was information about the low probability of this game coming to Vietnam, at once there were many publisher bringing so many following game but with contents and qualities hard to meet the need of Vietnamese gamers, who have played and been in love with MU Online. However, Vietnamese images were revealed in this page immediately and this has blown all the suspicion let the fan become more excited than ever.

For those who have not known this game, MU Origin is a game of RPG category developed by those who have developed the game MU Online, Webzen manufacturer. MU Online was born in 2003 and considered as a new trend, pioneer for the revolution of online game in Vietnam. This is also a game that has been through teenager times and memories that cannot be forgettable of many Vietnamese gamers.

MU Origin has scored points for gamers because of simple, friendly gameplay and ability to bring back first moments playing MU Online, particularly this is the legend game MU Online with such a familiar gameplay. Utilized best to suit in mobile environment but MU Origin still keeps for itself systems that were considered basic and the best of MU Online together with many challenges for gamers.

Therefore, right when the information of being released in Korea leaked, MU Origin has attracted more than 700.000 players registered for the experience, in which there are also a lot of Vietnamese gamers who has hold memories of the legend MU at a time, despite the disadvantage of language.

Even though it was not the official announcement of opening day of the trial version. Images posted online and the claim about quality of the original developer as well as opinions from players having experienced the version in China, Taiwan, Korea, Thailand,… have made fanpage “MU Origin – The Lord’s Return” become hotter day by day. At the same time, the registration page of test accounts of MU Origin has just also been open

Players are able to register to receive the account by sending phone number, email and OS of the mobile that would be intended to be used to experience the game. According to the information on the page, code will be sent to the phone number and players will have chance to join the spinning wheels to get awards such as iPhone 6S and iWatch

Publisher also shared that the register page will be close soon right when the amount of registers reaching 5000 to ensure the quality for Alpha test verion. Therefore, gamers will have to be quick!

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Thanks, MU Origin.
Images by MU Origin.