Netmarble announces tag-team action-RPG “Blade Waltz” for iOS and Android next month

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[dropcap style=”style1″]N[/dropcap]etmarble will have another action-RPG out on iOS and Android in November called “Blade Waltz”. For the most part it seems to be your standard fare but on further inspection a tag-team battle system is revealed. – In Blade Waltz, you can tag in any of your three party members if the current one’s fighting style isn’t working out for you. You can also summon allies in for huge finisher moves against the biggest beasts you attempt to slay.

As to who you can tag in, well, Netmarble has only shown off the three main characters so far in Blade Waltz (whether there are more than this available is unclear). Here’s some basic info on them:

  • Starfell – he’s a well-mannered half-human and half Elem god who uses a broadsword on a quest to avenge his parents.
  • Gordon – he grew up with machines and prefers mechanical armour and a large mace to deliver huge blows.
  • Ellie – she’s a former Elem who has turned human and now works as a bounty hunter using dual pistols and laying traps.

Netmarble thông báo về việc phát hành Blade WaltzThese three characters spearhead the story, which is about ensuring a power-hungry evil dude called Lupinus doesn’t take over the land of Elysium. As well as this main Scenario, the game will offer modes including PvP, Tag Team Battles, Boss Raids, and Material Dungeons to try out.

If you’re interested, you can pre-register for Blade Waltz on its website and receive three limited weapon costumes and 200 gems once the game launches. [su_icon_panel background=”transparent” border=”1px none #cccccc” shadow=”0px 0px 0px #eeeeee” icon=”icon: html5″ icon_color=”#1f6dc9″ icon_size=”70″ url=””][/su_icon_panel][su_icon_panel background=”transparent” border=”1px none #cccccc” shadow=”0px 0px 0px #eeeeee” icon=”icon: facebook-square” icon_color=”#1f6dc9″ icon_size=”70″ url=””][/su_icon_panel]

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Images by Netmarble