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Surprising appearance of mysterious teaser page with shocking message

Bất ngờ xuất hiện trang teaser bí ẩn với thông điệp “chấn động”
[dropcap style=”style1″]A[/dropcap] mysterious teaser game about to appear with context mixed with ancient greek and european gods will be soon available for gamers in the future. – On the morning 26/10, gaming community became more tumultuary with the unexpected appearance of a unknown teaser page with context mixed with Greek and European ancient myths, sending the message “action game, exploding mobile game”.

According to the information leaked on the page, gamer will be easily guess the content of this teaser to be a leak of a unknown game about to be coming this november. Getting the message “action game, exploding mobile game”, definitely gamers will be able to experience this game best. Besides, the teaser also revealed many impressive pictures through introduction movie scenes. There were myths about Titan good on the Olympia peak, Holy Grail, King Arthur, Lancelot,…

Bất ngờ xuất hiện trang teaser bí ẩn với thông điệp “chấn động”

Moreover, teaser shows the Facebook page name “Dau Than”. Possible this is a game with a plot or some kind of relating to wars of Titan gods. Yet the special thing here is the combination between myth factors from ancient greek, european gods – a new things for gamer this November!

Next time player will witness the interesting surprise after opening the teaser.

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Thanks, Đấu Thần
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