Taking down bad guys on “Wasteland Bar Fight”

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[dropcap style=”style1″]T[/dropcap]he game company Kybernesis has announced Wasteland Bar Fight will avaiable on Android this Christmas.

The versions for iOS and Windows Phone will have to wait for some time, probably early 2015.

The game’s theme is set in post-apocalypse, when almost residential area was destroyed and the world was covered by desert regions. In Wasteland Bar Fight, sometimes players will encounter public bars, where the “outlaws” gathered.news_mob_barf1news_mob_barf2Just a little misunderstanding can lead to a big fight, and Wasteland Bar Fight will emphasize this further. Players will face more and more enemies. Not only haveto destroy them as quickly as possible, but the players also have to defense from the attacks which come from nowhere.

Thanks, Kybernesis* Images supported by Kybernesis.