Vietnam gaming firms had been issued the license to provide G1 games

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[dropcap style=”style1″]A[/dropcap]fter a long time waiting, since the coming out of the Circular No. 24/2014/TT-BTTTT, relating to activities of management, provision and use of online games, gaming firms had been issued the license to provide G1 games. – On July 2013, the Decree No. 72/2013/ND-CP on management of providing internet service and online information have been promulgated, companies which deal in Vietnam games market are happy as the license of providing online games will be back.

Specifically, online games which are noticeably defined on the Decree to be G1 games: ”Electronic games with interaction between players and through the server of the company”, also need license to provide the service. Since this is the type of game taking 90% total amount of games released in Vietnam games market these days.

However, companies has to wait for another long time as December 2014, the Circular No. 24/2014/TT-BTTTT, relating to activities of management, providing and use of online games, will be the guide for the new Decree promulgated. At that time, there will be the specific manual for the paper work and carrying out licensing companies for providing electronic G1 games.

Once again, they have to wait as to meet the requirement as the Circular to be entitled to get license is quite a bit hard.


After 6 months since the promulgation, companies at the moment have been officially able to get permission to release electronic G1 games. According to the source of ICTnews, there was large companies permitted such as VNG, VTC, VE, VCCorp and other small ones.

Moreover, the act of licensing companies happens in a fairly flavourable way. They only need to meet all the requirements, follow regulations from the Ministry of Information and Communication, submit documents and will be approved and get the G1 games license. The license plays an important role as if they have it, they will be able to get the permission to release every online game.

Because of the delay of the promulgation, gaming companies in Vietnam has to produce online games without license. The amount of unlicensed online games has reached 200 games. However, once they get the license, companies will have to do some procedures to get license for each game released.


Estimably, in Vietnam there are about 60 companies producing games whose quantities could be about hundreds. But cycle of a game released is short and according to the current regulations, after getting license of providing online G1 games service, companies continue to submit documents requesting approvals of contents, scripts for each game.

There must be also approvals from the council of advisory assessment of electronic games, including representatives of relating organizations with suitable qualifications. This council is founded by the Decision of the Minister from the Ministry of Information and Communication. Within 20 working days, since the day of documents’ submitment as valid, The Ministry will carry out assessment, provide decision on approving contents, scripts of electronic G1 games for companies. In case of rejection, the Ministry has to reply with documents pointing out the reason.

Before companies officially provide games, they will continue to send specific announcement on official time of providing games to the Department of Broadcast, Telecast and electronic information from the Ministry of Information and Communication; register head office in the representative office in the area; announce to firms providing server services, internet service, payment assisting service in electronic games.

Once received the announcement, the office has the responsibility to send the receipt to the company within 7 working days since the day receiving the announcement. After completing all procedures above, those companies could officially release their online games to the market.

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