Check out 4 sects of “Thien Long Bat Bo 3D Mobile”

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[dropcap style=”style1″]I[/dropcap]n the first version, “Thien Long Bat Bo 3D Mobile” won’t have Cai Bang and only open 4 sects: Tieu Dao, Thien Son, Thieu Lam and Dai Ly. – Every sect has their own unique skills. Let’s check out 4 first sects of Thien Long Bat Bo 3D Mobile to understand their strength and weakness.soi-4-mon-phai-cua-thien-long-bat-bo-3d-mobile-6Dai Ly

The boys of Doan’s family are always handsome guy with powerful inner strength and skills like Luc Mach Kiem and Nhat Duong Chi. With long-range fighting style and high mobility in combat, Dai Ly is the best choice for agile players in Thien Long Bat Bo 3D Mobile.

Features: Long-range attack – High mobility


  • Dai ly cong (normal attack)
  • Bao vu le hoa (special skill)
  • Nhat duong chi
  • Luc mach kiem
  • Tinh can nguyet
  • Hoa dia vi lao
  • Thoai vi cong
  • Vo xu đon

soi-4-mon-phai-cua-thien-long-bat-bo-3d-mobile-4 Thieu Lam

Thieu Lam monks have stronger and taller body than normal people, with Su Hong Cong skill, they had scared many enemies. They also have high health and best defense of Thien Long Bat Bo 3D Mobile, Thieu Lam is the first choice to be tanker in PK battle.

Features: High health – Good defense


  • Thieu lam cong (normal attack)
  • Phuc ma (special skill)
  • La han cong
  • Ma ha vo luong
  • Ca diep cong
  • Vi da chu
  • Kim chung trao
  • Su hong cong

soi-4-mon-phai-cua-thien-long-bat-bo-3d-mobile-3 Thien Son

The beauty of Thien Son always have a dagger and special skills like An Don, Bua Sinh Tu for assassination. They also have the most powerful attack of 4 sects. Thien Son is a good choice for Thien Long Bat Bo 3D Mobile players who like to combine many skills at a time.

Features: Short-range strong attack


  • Thien son cong (normal attack)
  • Bat hoang (special skill)
  • Ca thien quan
  • Quan tam diep
  • Di hoa tiep moc
  • Bua sinh tu
  • An don
  • Tuyet luc xuat

soi-4-mon-phai-cua-thien-long-bat-bo-3d-mobile-5 Tieu Dao

The most mysterious in Thien Long Bat Bo 3D Mobile is Tieu Dao sect, with small body but highest strength, can easily KO their enemy with one attack in PK battle.

Features: Long-range attack – Good control


  • Tieu dao cong (normal attack)
  • Huy thien dia (special skill)
  • Tieu vo tuong
  • Chuc dung chuong
  • Bac minh cong
  • Han suong tuyet
  • Lang ba vi bo
  • Han bang kinh

Open only 4 sects, but every sect of Thien Long Bat Bo 3D Mobile has their own strength and skills. In the future, Thien Long Bat Bo 3D Mobile will update more sects for the players.

For more information about Thien Long Bat Bo 3D Mobile, please follow its Fanpage.

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