Co Kiem Ky Dam recruits female players as Game Master

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[dropcap style=”style1″]T[/dropcap]he upcoming mobile game Co Kiem Ky Dam from SohaGame has shocked the fan for recruiting female players as Game Master. – GM (Game Master) – a judge of an online game, is a profession under a lot of pressure, especially for women by work related to technical and requires good health, stay up late and get up early. Through rigorous auditions, today, June 02Co Kiem Ky Dam officially announced 5 female players has overcome many candidates and officially became 5 GMs of the Gamers will ask questions like If GM is female, can they care for all the players in the game? Can they assure the quality of the game?” The publisher confirms that their GMs have full knowledge of Co Kiem Ky Dam, and completely capable to become a fair GM, they also have the ability to withstand pressure and always pay close attention to their gaming community.

When receiving the annoucement to be selected as the official GM of upcoming titles from SohaGame, Ha is very excited and nervous. Ha has played martial art game for a long time and also has experiences in some admin positions and collaborators, but as a official GM, this is the first time. However, I think I could take on this roleGM Ngoc Ha excitedly Besides, GM Ngoc Mai has loved Co Kiem Ky Dam after 5 minutes playing the game, she cannot hide her excitement: Today is the first day I play Co Kiem Ky Dam – a game that I will stick to for a long time. Only after the first few minutes of experience, I also understand why SohaGame want to choose female GM. Co Kiem Ky Dam is a martial art game about love with beautiful graphic and many unique features fitting our female taste.”

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