Dac Nhiem – The first FPS mobile game in Vietnam

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[dropcap style=”style1″]P[/dropcap]ublisher Sohagame has officiallly announced some Vietnamese screenshots of “Dac Nhiem” – the first FPS mobile game in Vietnam. – As we know, the FPS mobile game Cuong Thiet Tu Than will come to Vietnam in this Summer by the name Dac Nhiem.

Dac Nhiem is the first FPS mobile game in Vietnam, developed by Ti Knight and will be published by SohaGame on iOS and Android with PvP and PvE mode.dac-nhiem-game-mobile-fps-dau-tien-tai-viet-nam-lo-anh-viet-hoa-2dac-nhiem-game-mobile-fps-dau-tien-tai-viet-nam-lo-anh-viet-hoa-3In 2012, the sun activate abnormally, the earth’s interior energy balance system facing collapse. Maya prophecy proved to be true, and the human are facing vanish from the earth.

The biological weapons in many countries have leaked. The victims of biochemical weapon gradually became zombies and constantly attack the survivors. People attacked by zombies also infected by the virus and became new zombies. Life is full of panic. In such circumstances of Dac Nhiem, as a former contract killer, you decided to stand up and resist the vicious zombies attack, to save humanities!Dac Nhiem features:

  • Rage Explosion system: Accumulate the anger from kills and headshots! When the Rage Gauge is full, the death screams of zombies will be heard!
  • Special UI design for touch screen and easier to control.
  • High quality 3D image optimized for the New iPad’s Retina screen to provide realism that you never experienced!
  • Combo system and targeting headshots will challenge your limits!
  • Endless challenging levels! Discover your potential as you blast through the waves of zombies!

For more information about Dac Nhiem, please visit its Fanpage. [su_icon_panel background=”transparent” border=”1px none #cccccc” shadow=”0px 0px 0px #eeeeee” icon=”icon: facebook-square” icon_color=”#1f6dc9″ icon_size=”70″ url=””][/su_icon_panel] Thanks, SohaGame. Images by SohaGame.