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Four beauties show their sexy charm in cosplay of "Tru Tien 4D"

Four beauties show their sexy charm in cosplay of "Tru Tien 4D"
Bầu chọn!

[dropcap style=”style1″]M[/dropcap]MORPG “Tru Tien 4D” is a game with interesting gameplay, chibi animation and graphic, therefore, impressing female players.

Vietgame.asia – Right when Tru Tien 4D leak some shooting and filming behind the screen of pictures of hotties of “Tu dai than nu”, the whole atmosphere on fanpage got boiling as well as in the game. Pictures were taken from the inspiration of the story of Tru Tien with such famous names as Bich Dao, Tuyet Ky, Binh Nhi, Cuu Vi Ho.

MMORPG Tru Tien 4D is a game with interesting gameplay and chibi animation, therefore, impressing female players. The special thing is the ability of players to fight the battle while beauties stand by their side. Each female partner will join the game and represent type of characters such as: But su – Mitu Kat (name of the beauty), Phap Luan – Tokki (name of the beauty), Quyen Than – Hoang Yen (character name: Tuyet Ky), Kiem khach – Bao Truc (Character name: Cuu Vi Ho).

Mitu Kat is a famous girl in gaming community with many achievements: First prize in “Thien Long Bat Bo miss”, “Dook Angel”, Third prize “Miss Auto Pro 2010”, Awards of “the most favorite gamer in DBO”, Top 5 cosplay “Pirate king”,…

Besides the cosplay collection and join Tru Tien 4D, Tu Dai Than Nu will continue to rouse the whole gaming community by appear in the walking street Nguyen Hue, district 1, Vietnam in the coming occasion. With their appearance they will モバイル カジノ attract more fans for sure and this is also a chance for Tru Tien 4D gamers to meet, chat and exchange experience directly. Moreover, players have the chance to receive gifts from the game at the walking street.

Thanks, INGAME Online.

Images by INGAME Online.

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