MOBILE WEEK NEWS: From January 19th to 25th

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[dropcap style=”style1″]L[/dropcap]et’s check out the hottest mobile video game news, review and article of the previous week!

The revenue of “Monument Valley” has been revealed, “Game Oven” is closing in April… there’s even more on the bottom of the page.[space space_height=”40″]

NEWS_MOB_LEGONEWS_MOB_KEMCOThe revenue of “Monument Valley” has been revealed
“Darkness Reborn” gets a new update
You can get “Luftrausers” on an Amazon Fire TV
GameMill Entertainment released a new mobile game
“Mean Girls” is getting a mobile game
“Sid Meier’s Starships” coming to iPad early this year
“Traffic Buster” is now available for Android
“Chesslike” coming soon to iOS and Android
“Adventure Time Game Wizard” go mobile“Game Oven” is closing in April
“Kemco” has put 8 of its RPGs on a special sale
“Hammy Go Round” is free to play on iOS
“Angry Birds Space” has a new update
“Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath” is on sale right now
“Invertical Touch” is available now
“The Lego Movie” is now an iOS game
“Odd Bot Out” arrives on February 1st
“Chronology” is now on Window Phone