Sega Promises Pretty Propeller-Headed Platformer “Heroki” Will Be Out Soon

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[dropcap style=”style1″]S[/dropcap]ega has announced that pretty iOS platformer Heroki will be out soon and will be sold at the premium price of $7.99.

Vietgame.asiaSega is only acting as publisher in this case as Heroki is the debut title of Netherlands-based studio Picomy and has been in development for five years, although, it wasn’t revealed until two years ago at PAX Prime.

In it, you play as Heroki, a hero with a propeller head, who is on a quest to save the world and battle any enemies that get in the way. “Heroki uses the wind to fly, freefall, dash, and bash across beautiful 3D rendered sky-islands, jungles, seas and deserts, on a quest to save the peaceful sky village of Levantia,” Sega explains.

Heroki will apparently offer 10 hours of play across four worlds in which you’ll meet a cast of friendly characters and dozens of unique enemies. You can get a look at all this in the game’s debut trailer above.

Heroki will be exclusive to iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, and will soon be available as a premium title (as it should be) for $7.99 on the App Store.[su_icon_panel background=”transparent” border=”1px none #cccccc” shadow=”0px 0px 0px #eeeeee” icon=”icon: html5″ icon_color=”#1f6dc9″ icon_size=”70″ url=””][/su_icon_panel][su_icon_panel background=”transparent” border=”1px none #cccccc” shadow=”0px 0px 0px #eeeeee” icon=”icon: facebook-square” icon_color=”#1f6dc9″ icon_size=”70″ url=””][/su_icon_panel]

Thanks, Siliconera.

Images by Google.