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Upcoming Apple TV Game “Fantastic Plastic Squad” Is All About 80s Action Figures

Upcoming Apple TV Game “Fantastic Plastic Squad” Is All About 80s Action Figures
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[dropcap style=”style1″]F[/dropcap]antastic Plastic Squad is an upcoming game from Studio Pound Sand, led by former executive producer and studio head for EA’s Medal of Honor games.

Vietgame.asia – Fantastic Plastic Squad is a third-person shooter where you pretend to be an action figure which you can upgrade and customize to your liking.

If you are in your mid-thirties, you’ll see so many 80s influences in this trailer it’s ridiculous (in a good way); It really feels like the 80s should take this trailer to court for plagiarism and intellectual property theft. Needless to say, it’s glorious!

The game itself has some clever ideas going for it that show how the developers know it’s a mobile rather than a console game. For instance, if you are interrupted in the middle of a campaign or online match, you can let an AI autopilot play the game for you until you return. Of course, the AI won’t play like you (it will probably play better), but it’s great to have that option given the way real life can get in the way of mobile gaming.

Fantastic Plastic Squad has a single player campaign of 125 missions as well as PvP mode with much-coveted features such as clan support, tournaments, leaderboards, and replays. You can even borrow a friend’s figures for online battle, which gives that friend a portion of the credits earned.

The Apple TV version of Fantastic Plastic Squad will use the touch controls of the remote and also third-party controllers. To play the game, you’ll drag your thumb on the touchpad to aim, and you move forward by holding the Play button and backwards by tapping Play and then holding it (not sure how well this part is going to work). You can jump by tapping the touchpad and throw grenades by clicking and holding the touchpad. If you want to turn on the AI assist, you hold the remove vertically, and when you want to get back to killing things yourself, you hold it horizontally.

Although it sounds a bit clunky, the developer claims it works really well. Fantastic Plastic Squad will be F2P and should come out on iPad and iPhone before the Apple TV version.

Thanks, Touch Arcade.

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