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3Q Loan Da releasing new updates “Thien Ha De Nhat”

3Q Loan Da releasing new updates “Thien Ha De Nhat”
Bầu chọn!

[dropcap style=”style1″]3[/dropcap]Q Loan Da has made many people excited when they post the information about new update name “Thien Ha De Nhat” with new unique things.

Vietgame.asia3Q Loan Da, since the first release, has received many positive responses from gaming community. Interesting and realistic activities in this game has attracted a huge amount of loyal players. To response the gratefulness from the community to the game, 3Q Loan Da has improved a lot and contained many activities bringing the most satisfied experience.

It is center of the greatest things in action RPG game, 3Q Loan Da brings us the feeling of real battles and well demonstrates the great battles in the period of Three Kingdoms. The update this time, named “Thien Ha De Nhat”, promisingly bring the liveliest experience together with fighting ability challenges for the bravest fighter – “Chien Truong Lien Server”.

The attractiveness of Chien Truong Lien Server is that joining battles with others server will give gamers the competitions in largest scale and everyone will have the chance to make the world know their name. Gamers could choose unlimited PK battles. This is the fantastic chance for 3Q Loan Da players to show themselves to achieve the great tittle “Thien Ha De Nhat”.

Thanks, 3Q Loạn Đả.

Images by 3Q Loạn Đả.

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