Find out what it means to be a fireman in “RESCUE: Heroes in Action” out June 18th

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[dropcap style=”style1″]R[/dropcap]ESCUE: Heroes in Action is an isometric strategy game in which you direct a team of fire fighters to save lives and put out fires. – It’s part of the RESCUE franchise made popular on PC but this one has been built from the ground up with mobile in mind. That means intuitive touch controls, optimised visuals, and brief levels that you can complete during a toilet break. You can check out the game in action by watching the trailer below.

Each level of RESCUE: Heroes in Action is based on realistic fire fighting scenarios that a typical city will face, like an emergency landing by aeroplane, gas explosions, car crashes, and a fire at an oil refining factory.

To fight these deadly threats you’ll need to upgrade your equipment. These upgrades include bigger tanks of water, improved range and performance, and more durable suits.

You can also customise vehicles and uniforms to match those used in any country. A relatively minor but fun feature that serious simulation fans will appreciate.

RESCUE: Heroes in Action headed to iOS and Android this June 18th.

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